Friday, November 27, 2009

If all Democrats are like Garrison Keillor, then Sarah Palin has a point

I consider myself a liberal democrat. I'm educated, I value the idea of "public" institutions, I believe in that democracy is a process of engagement, not just an an opportunity to elect a stand-in.
But I hear the attacks coming from folks like Sarah Palin. I understand that they're trying to manipulate the Urban/Rural cultural divide to paint us as elitists. Hard-working "authentic" Americans are the Rural, individualist Republicans. I take issue with that.
Then I hear Garrison Keillor pretending to be from a small town, and knowing he is a liberal democrat really bothers me. His pretense is not the only thing that puts our position in danger. It's his pride, his sexism, his unwillingness to "deal" with the "little people" that run his operation. He's a snooty tyrant. I don't want to be mixed up with him. And if the perception of all of our left-leaning politicians is like this, then we're doing something wrong.
We are being hypocrites.
Do we know what's best for this country? The more I learn about the founding of this nation, the more I realize both sides are so similar - we're casting an illusion of our differences. And that illusion comes from some people believing and behaving as if they're more valuable than other human beings.

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